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We are here for you in your time of legal need. For over 15 years, our lawyers at At MD Law Group – a full-service law firm based in Edmonton, Alberta – have provided unmatched counsel, advocacy and support for a diverse client base both here and abroad.

Your legal challenge is our top priority. Our promise is to fiercely protect your rights, liberties and interests to help achieve the most favorable outcome or optimal preventative solution to your legal matters.

We invite you to contact us for a preliminary consultation. In advance, thank you for placing your trust in us.

About md law group.

High quality accommodation services

MD Law Group serves Edmonton and surrounding areas, a law firm dedicated to helping people in need. Our team came into law with a mission of bringing to anyone the right to liberty, justice and a life well lived.

MD Law Group delivers sophisticated business advisory and legal services at transparent and cost-effective rates. Our clients know they will receive from us the fiercest representation, all while safeguarding their interests and diligently evaluating the cost-benefit of any legal decisions from a strategic corporate perspective. Our promise is to honor our client’s interests at every turn.


Reviews From Our Clients

“This firm is awesome! Dan Murphy represented me he addressed any doubts I had about my case and gave me the correct legal advise when I asked him. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dan Murphy got my charges dropped within months and for that I would say he's not only a winner but a Champion! I am so glad I had him representing me!”
Leon B.
Former Client
“Dan Murphy gave me the best option so everyone involved didn’t have to waste their time. It was super easy from the beginning to the end, and I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. The staff are very professional and attentive to meet your needs. I hope you don’t have to meet a lawyer, but if you do, I highly recommend this firm.”
Kang D.
Former Client
“Shopping around for lawyers I was lucky to find Dan Murphy. I felt he always had my back during this fiasco of court issues. Dan and the staff were professionals handling my case and I would recommend them to anyone needing a lawyer.”
Adrian C.
Former Client
“Dan was extremely helpful in guiding me through a process I knew nothing about. With this assistance I was able to receive the right result and am pleased to recommend their services.”

Dave J.
Former Client

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